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Oscar Filho started in humor in 2003, being recognized as one of the precursors of stand-up comedy in Brazil in 2005 by founding the Clube da Comédia Stand-up, responsible for the initial movement in São Paulo.


He debuted his first stand-up solo, "Putz Grill...", in 2008, running for 11 years. He participated in numerous programs and documentaries about stand-up on TV and the internet.


He wrote his first book, Unauthorized Autobiography in 2014 with a preface by Danilo Gentili, which gave rise to his second stand-up solo "Alto - Unauthorized Biography" in 2020. In June 2022, he released the p "Putz Grill... The Album" by Cancel Records, a comedy album available on all audio platforms.


He debuted on TV in 2008 with the program CQC - Custe o Que Custar, on Band. In addition to reality and sitcons on closed channels, he did a stand-up special for Comedy Central. Back on open TV, he participated in the program Tá no Ar, on Globo and co-hosted the Programa da Maisa on SBT and FOX from 2019 to 2020.

In 2022, he participated in the filming of the film Escola de Quebrada produced by Paramount+ and KondZilla.

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